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Water well Drilling Rigs - PRD OZ Drill

PRD OZ Drill
CAPACITY 6" to 12" dia bore holes to a depth of 750 mtr (2500 feet)
PRIME MOVER Truck mounted rig with power from truck engine or seperate deck engine
WORK METHOD Rotation with direct circulation, nucleus destruction with bleeding by air, water,
  foam by drilling by drag bit (over burden), and Rotary percussion with DTH hammer
MAST Box type structure

Max Capacity - 45 tons (100000 lbs)


Height - 8 mtr ( 27 ft ) or 9 mtr ( 29.7 ft )

  Rod handling capacity - 6.1 mtr (20ft)
PULL UP AND PULL DOWN By means of Hydraulic cylinder and wire rope Reeving Ratio 1:3

Max Pull up force      - 20,000 kgs (44,000 lbs)

  Max Pull up speed     - 18 mtr / min (60 ft / min)
  Max Pull down force - 13500 kg (29700 lbs)
  Max Pull down speed - 25 mtr/min  (32 ft/min)
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM 225 kg / cm2 / (3200 psi)
HYDRAULIC OIL COOLER 90 GPM fin type cooler fan drive through hydraulic motor
ROTARY HEAD Rotary head powered by two hydraulic motors

Max Torque     -    1030 kgs - mtr (90,000 inch - lbs)

  Max Speed      -    0 to 100 RPM
JACKS Four box types Hydraulic jacks
WATER INJECTION PUMP Triplex reciprocating pump powered by hydraulic motor
BREAK OUT WRENCH To open the drill joints hydraulic break out wrench will be provided with
  rope attached
OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS Welding machine, Diesel fuelling pump, Skid platform with deck engine,
  box type jack Automatic rod handling arrangement to handle 50 numbers of 20ft drill rods
  with remote control
COROUSEL ROD CHANGER The pivoted corousel rod changer with 6 rods handling capacity, hydraulic operated swing
  cylinder arrangement and which of one ton capacity to carry drill rods,
  castings and hammer tools
SUITABLE COMPRESSOR 1100 cfm, 350 psi / 1100 cfm, 300 psi / 900 cfm, 350 psi
SPECIAL ATTACHMENT Automatic rod handling arrangement to handle 50 numbers of 20ft 
  Drill rods with remote control
TWO TRUCK ARRANGEMENT One for rig unit and second to carry the compressor



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