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Seeing is Believing - Originally drilling contractors since 1977 with the very good mechanical background we could repair our own rigs since then. With more of practical knowledge and awareness of market demand, the company Paranthaman Rock Drills - PRD was started to manufacture pneumatic Drill Rigs by Mr.T.P.Thangaraj in 1982, at Thiruchengodu the town of drilling rigs which has more than 2000 drill rig contractors now. Since then with a spirit of management philosophy-high quality products, satisfactory services and customer satisfaction PRD RIGS were in pursuit of excellent performance.

The quality of our product and in time services receive extremely high respect from our customers which has made us the leading manufacturer of Drilling Rigs in the country today.

leading manufacturer of Drilling Rigs in the country today

We have experienced significant growth and improvement over the past years, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to excellence. The superior product quality and customer support PRD enjoyed a rapid growth in the local market and upgraded its product line with Hydraulic drilling rigs to cover the world market.

To better understand our customer needs and to closely monitor market trends, PRD aggressively participates in major shows in India and abroad. With the increase in demand for PRD rigs in the international market the trend on quality demands has shifted from Quality Control to Quality Assurance. Our goal is to provide our customer with a super quality assurance and real value for money.

growth and improvement over the past years



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